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Global Education - The Human Rights Dimension


The course "Global Education - The Human Rights Dimension", provides an introduction to human rights education as part of the global education context, and deals with its concepts, approaches, strategies and action, by considering its interconnections between the global and local.

Developed in partnership between the North South Centre and The Network University, the course has been designed to complement the Global Education Guidelines, a pedagogical tool for educators and policy makers to understand and implement global education, and share with a wider audience concepts and approaches promoted by the North-South Centre’s Global Education programme. The course is targeted at formal and non-formal educators, social workers, policy and decision makers, media professionals as well as youth activists. It also welcomes students with a special interest in the topic.

The topics of the course "Global Education - The Human Rights Dimension" are: Introduction to global education, Human rights in the context of global education, Human rights education, Mapping of existing human rights action at a local level, Dilemmas and challenges in the human rights dimension of global education, Development of strategies for action, Reflecting on cross-cutting issues, Activities design and Action planning.

Deadline for upcoming semestre's application is the 14th of february.